MED4114 Television Location Production Studies Diary Week 2

Learning Diary Week 2 – 06/02/14

In our second lesson we reviewed the work we had done in our directed study session the previous week (the two voiceovers which we added footage to). We looked at examples of different kinds of cutting in episodes of Breaking Bad. These included the cut, the fade and dissolve. We also looked at the different types of edits which included:

  • Action Edit – time remains unbroken and the cut creates the illusion of continuous action
  • Screen Position Edit – no passing of time is implied by the edit and the placement of the subject or an object in a shot directs the viewers eye around the screen and motivates the cut
  • Form Edit – a pronounced shape/colour/dimensional composition remains the same throughout two consecutive shots or a straight cut with sound as motivation
  • Concept Edit – montage of shots each showing different content which implies a meaning through the juxtaposition of the different shots
  • Combined Edit – A combination of two or more of the other edits

 We then learned more techniques using the software such as the different types of cutting and trimming for shots.


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