MED4115 Television Studio Production Skills Diary Week 2

Learning Diary Week 2 – 07/02/14

In the second week of Television Studio Production Skills we reviewed some of the interviews filmed in the directed study last week and picked out aspects of each one which could be improved. We then split into the two groups from last week and went to either the studio floor or the galleries. This week I was in the group on the studio floor. Once again, we filmed several interviews between two people and switched roles in between them.

I took on the following roles:

  • Floor Manager – I was responsible for letting the people on screen (the only people not wearing headsets) know what the people in the galleries were saying. Firstly, I had to listen to the Director as they explained where they wanted the people to be positioned. After the Director had finished the sound engineers would do their sound check and I would have to tell either the presenter or the guest to talk for as long as it would take them to correct their sound levels. Finally I would listen to the PA during the countdown to the start and finish of the rehearsal and transmission and use hand signals to tell the presenter how much time they had.
  • Camera Operator – Before the rehearsal or transmission began the Director would instruct each camera operator on how they wanted their camera positioned and whether they wanted it to be zoomed in at all. Once the Director was pleased with the positioning of each camera they would move on to sound check before beginning. I took on this role several times on different cameras.
  • Cable Basher – This involved making sure the cameras connecting to each of the cameras remained untangled. It also involved preventing this further by picking up cables for cameras which were moving and moving alongside the camera.

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