MED4115 Television Studio Production Skills Diary Week 3

Learning Diary Week 3 – 14/02/14

In our third week we filmed two minute videos featuring a presenter demonstrating how to make a paper plane. We practiced a couple of times during the lesson and experimented with different shots and camera positioning.

In the directed study, we had to film the video five times at pre-programmed time slots where the cameras would automatically start recording. This was more challenging than previous weeks as it meant we had to be prepared to start at an exact time which could not be pushed back. During the recordings I took on roles I had done in previous weeks including camera operator, floor manager and PA. I also took on Auto Cue operator for the first time. This involved writing out an introductory sentence for the presenter and rotating the dial so it would move for him to see on the cameras. As it was so short, there were not have any problems with having to adjust the speed at which I turned the dial.


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