MED4114 Television Location Production Skills Diary Week 5

Learning Diary Week 5 – 27/02/14

During Week 5, we met up in our groups to each film 90 seconds of footage of somebody walking from Millennium Point to Parkside for our first assessment. As a group of five, we booked out 2 cameras between us so as each person was filming their individual work, they could set up two cameras at once to help with the continuity and to speed up the process. Unfortunately, we encountered some problems with the equipment when we were setting up which set us back and led us to decide that it would be more time efficient to split into two groups to film.

When filming, I managed to stick to my storyboard well as I had designed it with the areas I filmed in in mind. I made sure to film each shot at least twice from each angle in case I found problems with framing or camera movement when editing. I felt that the filming went well, although as I reached the end members of the other half of my group needed the actor I was using for their own films meaning I felt slightly rushed when filming the final few shots.

In the lesson in week 5 we learnt about recording sound for assessment two and found out about the different types of microphones and what they are suitable for recording. As my group are planning to film at a Music Industry Skills event, I was most interested to hear about how we would record good quality sound and prevent it from sounding distorted. We were told that we would have to plug a wire from the soundboard to the camera so as long as the event’s sound technician had the music at the right levels, it would record in that same quality.

In our directed study, we edited our individual tasks using the Avid editing software. I was largely happy with my footage but found I had to cut parts out as it was too long and I was unable to trim individual shots down any more. Also, I found that due to the sunlight reflecting on the camera monitor, I was unable to see that one of my shots was out of focus. I also realised that I had missed a few steps of the end of the journey out as I felt rushed.


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