MED4114 Television Location Production Skills Diary Week 5

Learning Diary Week 5 ā€“ 27/02/14

In the lesson this week we learnt how to export and burn onto DVDs the videos we had made with our practice footage the previous week. This involved adjusting the settings correctly so that it exported in the correct file type. We also went over the basic controls of setting up and using the cameras ad tri-pods correctly so we would be more confident using them when filming for our first assignment.

Later in the week we went out to film our individual footage for our first assignment. We encountered problems such as the cameras and hard drives we had hired not working. This set us back as we had to get technical help to make them work. As we had originally been a group of five, we felt that after this it would be more time efficient to break into two groups and do our filming separately.

As we only had to get enough footage to create a 90 second sequence of someone walking from Millennium Point to Parkside, I found I had enough time to experiment with shots and film from different angles and with different camera movement. However, I did feel slightly rushed at the end as the other half of our group needed the person who was in my film to be in their own.


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