MED4114 Television Location Production Skills Diary Week 6

Learning Diary Week 6 – 06/03/14

In our first production day, we had a lesson on how to use different kinds of microphones and the different situations each one would be used in. As we are planning to film a music industry skills group’s event, I was interested to hear about recording audio at live music events in a way that would ensure it was of a good quality. We were advised to connect a cable from the soundboard at the venue to our camera to record the audio. We also practiced with the microphones by filming people around the University.

In our directed study we edited the footage we had filmed during the week to make our 90 second videos for Assignment 1. I encountered problems from the filming which I could not fix, for example, I found that one shot was slightly out of focus but as I had been filming outside, the sunlight had stopped me from noticing as I was unable to see the screen properly. I also found that towards the end of my footage, I had not got my character to start from the right position so he noticeably moves between shots. This was because I felt rushed towards the end of my filming because my group member was needed by another group and I had not checked the positioning properly. After editing the footage, I exported it using the same settings as the previous week and burned it onto a DVD.


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