MED4115 Television Studio Production Skills Diary Week 6

Learning Diary Week 6 – 07/03/14

To begin our first production day, our class finalised the plans for our second assignment. We agreed that we would produce a 15 minute music quiz show, with each take featuring a host and four guests. We decided to ask friends if they could be he guests on the show which we will do in the next two weeks.

The class also split into smaller groups who will each focus on one aspect of the production of the show. I am part of the set design team. We started to come up for ideas for the set and have decided to get posters to covers the desks and floor and get CDs, records, cassettes inflatable guitars to put on the floor and over the desks. We made a list of the props we would need and thought about where we could get them and how much money everyone in the class would have to donate to contribute towards this.

To minimise the costs involved with the set design, we went into the city centre shops to see if we could get any promotional posters from shop or damaged donated items from charity shops for free. From this we managed to get several promotional posters for Urban music events and reserved a promotional Pharrell Williams poster from HMV. We also looked up prices for props such as a scoreboard and buzzers for each team.

Next week we will discuss the costs required for remaining props and set design with the rest of our group.


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