MED4114 Television Location Production Skills Diary Week 7

Learning Diary Week 7 – 13/03/14

This week we had a lesson on the different kinds of lighting we could use when filming for our second assessed piece of work. We practiced setting up the camera for interviews showing either just the interviewee on screen on the interviewer as well. After this we had a go at setting up the lighting for an interview situation. This involved having the interviewee in the shot and setting up two or three lights around them to minimise shadow and get the best looking shot possible.

During the Directed Study, we prepared for our shoot for the assessment which will take place next week. We have thought about shots we will aim to get for the interview and the performance as well as considering questions to ask in the interview.

The following Wednesday we attended the Music Industry Skill’s Record Label launch party at Talk Bar. Although we had originally planned to focus our assessment on one of the artists performing at the event, we had to change this as the performers had to leave and were unable to stay for an interview. However, after talking to the owner of the venue, we found that he had interesting things to say about the opening of the venue and the future plans he had for it. We decided to film an interview with him instead.

As I was in charge of filming in my group, I set up the camera before the performances started. We had one camera (Sony Z5) on a tri-pod at the front of the venue near the performers which was plugged into the soundboard to ensure the audio was recorded in good quality. This camera maintained a static shot throughout the event and only occasionally was used for movement or zooming. I kept the other camera on the shoulder stand and used it to get more interesting and creative shots such as close up shots of the performers and around the venue.


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