MED4114 Television Location Production Skills Diary Week 8

Learning Diary Week 8 – 20/03/14

In our final production day, we reviewed the footage from our filming session on Wednesday. We found that as our group’s sound technician had not ensured that the sound engineer at the event had correctly adjusted the settings on the soundboard, the audio had not recorded from the soundboard. This meant that the only audio of a good quality came from the other camera we had used. Unfortunately, as this camera had only been used to film short clips unlike the camera which remained static, we didn’t have as much usable performance footage as we had anticipated as we only had short extracts of audio which we were able to sync to the video.

As I was the camera operator in the group, I did not do the editing but did assist with the process of review the footage and editing our film. Later in this week, we received feedback from Olivia who advised us to change the order of some parts from the interview. We took this advice into consideration as changed the order of our video during Week 9. Once we were happy with our video, we exported it and burned it to a DVD using the Titanium Toast Programme.


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