MED4116 Television Studio Production Skills Diary Week 8

Learning Diary Week 8 – 21/03/14

During this week, our class met up in an attempt to do a full run through of the show before our assessment on Friday. Unfortunately, there were not enough people for a full run though and the VTs were not ready so we were not able to do this.

On the day of the assessment, I went in early alongside the rest of the set design team to construct the set before the rest of the class arrived. This involved collecting the desks we had chosen to use and setting them and the chairs up in the studio. We also set up the gel lighting and taped the posters, flyers and postcards to the desks. We also got the TVs which the VTs would be shown on into place on the set.

Most of the rest of the class had arrived by 9 but as we had a couple of people who were late who were either needed for the first take or who had the CD with the sound on, we ended up starting the first take late. For this reason we didn’t do any rehearsals and made the role changeovers between each take as quick as possible. Because of this we ended up finishing almost an hour earlier than we had planned.

I took on floor roles of auto-cue and camera. I feel that auto-cue went well although it was made more difficult by the presenter who did not stick to the script as most of the others did. When doing camera, I felt that I there was not much for me to do as there was very little camera movement so after setting up the camera to the director’s instructions, I didn’t have to move it again.

My gallery roles were sound and VT operator. With sound I feel that I made a couple of mistakes such as not turning down the microphones when the VTs were playing meaning the guests and presenter could be heard talking. However, I learnt from these mistakes and made sure to adjust the sound levels each time following this incident. I felt that VT operator also went well as I knew the order each VT had to be played in.


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