Music Industry Skills

This was a first year module, in which each group was required to form an independent record label, sign some artists and put on a live event.

My group’s record label was Ellipsis Records, an indie rock label. We created an official website using Wix, as well as social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube to interact with our audience and raise awareness of our label, artists and event.

Ellipsis Records Banner

As well as our online promotion, we also had posters and business cards printed, which we distributed across Birmingham. As Birmingham has a large population of students, we decided that our event would have free entry to appeal to this audience. For this reason, many of the posters were taken to Universities, Collages and Halls of Residence.


We signed three bands to our label: The Regulars, Malone Malone and Young Braves. We held our event at The Green Room Cafe Bar which we were able to hire free of charge. As the venue did not have sound equipment for a gig, we contacted other students from Live Sound Production courses, who were able to provide and set up this equipment for us.

Before our event took place, we also had to present our label and event plans to a panel of industry experts. Within this project, my responsibilities included:

  • A&R
  • Social Media
  • Design and Promotion
  • Venue Scouting

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