Music PR & Promotion

For this second year module, each group were assigned a musical genre of which we had to collaborate with an artist. My group was given house music, and we decided to collaborate with a Stoke-on-Trent based, progressive house artist called Danny Stubbs. We decided to call our PR agency ArtRAVEPR.

317 Logo

As well as acting as A&R for our group, my main role was photographer and videographer. I met up with our artist and performed a photoshoot. These are some examples of the photos I took:

I also used Adobe photoshop to create versions of each image with white and transparent backgrounds, so they could be used for future press coverage and posters.

As we completed two production modules each semester, in second year we were required to produce one product that related to both modules. My other module was Music TV & Promotional Production, so I decided to conduct a Q&A which I filmed and edited for our Youtube channel. The video features a track by Danny Stubbs (he owned the label it was released on and gave us permission to use it) and out PR agency’s logo.

Other parts of our PR campaign produced by our group included a press release, which was sent to local music magazines, some of which wrote articles. We also had his most recent track played on our University’s student radio station, Scratch Radio.


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