Music Programming

The first assignment for this module was to write, record and edit a 1 hour long specialist radio show on a theme of our choice. I chose to produce an indie rock show which you can listen to here:

This was my first experience at writing a script for a radio show, as well as recording the links in a radio studio and using Adobe Audition to edit and add the songs. I conducted a lot of research into each artist played on the show so that I was able to talk about their upcoming tours, appearances and releases in detail.

This is the running order and script for the show.

The second assignment was to create a plan for an original radio station. Mine was called Rock Radio and was local to Selly Oak, Birmingham, which has a high population of students, my target audience.

For this assignment, we had to develop the station format, the programme schedule (weekdays, Saturday, Sunday), the music playlist categories and examples of tracks that would fall into each playlist, clocks and track rules.

As the station would be broadcast in Birmingham, a lot of the shows focused on Birmingham-based bands and artists and bands who were touring in Birmingham.

This is the detailed information about Rock Radio, the programmes and the music.

As we did two production modules each semester, we had to produce one cross-media product that related to both modules. As my other module was Designing With Data, I created a music programming tool. I found the track information for each of the top 200 songs in the iTunes rock chart and made a table that users could sort and filter by release date, length, tempo and gender of artist. This could be used by a presenter to find songs to fill time in a show, especially if a time period, tempo or gender has been under represented throughout the rest of the show.

This is the tool I created:




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