Designing With Data

In this module I built on the HMLT and CSS skills I had learnt in New Media Platforms to learn how to build infographics, which are a more interesting way of displaying data. I also learnt some JQuery and used external libraries such as Isotope to make my work interactive.

Each week, we were given a task to develop our skills and incorporate new skills into our work. These weekly tasks can be viewed here.

The first of the two main tasks I had to create was an infographic from data on food security we were presented with. I chose to base my work on the effects of political stability on a country’s food security and how this can be impacted. This is the data visualisation I created:

See the Pen How does political instability effect the percentage of people who are undernourished? by Rosalind (@RozziBurgess) on CodePen.


The second task was to create a cross media product that related to our other production module. As mine was Music Programming, I created a music programming tool which could be used by radio presenters to select, filter and sort songs based on their length, release date and tempo. I used the Isotope library to allow each category to be sorted and filtered. It can be viewed below:

See the Pen Radio Rock Music Programming Tool by Rosalind (@RozziBurgess) on CodePen.



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