Music Industry Innovation

For the first assignment of this module, we had to contact a  local small music enterprise and find out how the business started, developed and their plans for the future. We then had to individually analyse this business and write a proposal for an original music enterprise that we felt filled a gap in the market and explain and justify our idea.

The enterprise my group contacted was called Magic Door and put on club nights in various UK cities and originated  in Birmingham. Based on our research into this company, I was able to conduct a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) and PEST (political, economical, social, technological) analyses and identify their professional challenges.

I then used this research to support my own business idea which was a company that hosted day long mini music festivals in rural locations. My assignment went into more detail about the challenges and likelihood of success which can be read here.

For the second assignment, we had to work in groups to develop one of our group member’s enterprise idea which we had to pitch and develop a business plan for. Our idea was for a company that hosted 80’s soul themed club nights in Birmingham.

We had to consider various areas such as locations, props, target audience, promotion and budget and finance. My role was looking at props and interior design. I began by watching soul music videos from the 1980’s and noting settings or props that reoccurred in various videos. I then chose aspects of the videos that I felt could be applied to our club nights and browsed various websites to find the best prices to buy or hire the equipment.

I found that for smaller props such as disco balls, carpets, wall hangings and sofas, it was best to buy the equipment. With larger items including the dance floor, I found it was more economically efficient to hire them. I had to consider the budget and work alongside the rest of the group to ensure I was spending an appropriate amount on the props and interior design.

This module gave me experience in planning a company and forced us to consider every aspect of the event we were planning.


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