About Me


I’m Rozzi Burgess and I’m a recent graduate from Birmingham City University where I have been studying Media & Communications.

I’m interested in the music industry, film, television, books and technology. Throughout second year I was Head of Branding at my University’s TV Station, Scratch TV. Have a look at some of the projects I’ve worked on on my WordPress page or have a look at my other accounts below.

Twitter LinkedIn Mixcloud

During my third and final year of University, I completed two major projects; a dissertation and production project. For my dissertation, I looked at the role of the performer in rock and dance music videos, which involved original primary research as well as extensive secondary research.

For my Production Project, I acted as Head of Music for an alternative radio station aimed at students in Birmingham. This involved programming the music for the station, compiling the playlists and sorting our the music schedules for the daytime shows. You can see more information about this project and see examples of the work here.

I have also put together summaries of each production module I completed at University, which ranged across various media industries. These included Music Industries, New Media, Television, PR and Radio. I also undertook several theory modules, some of which included a blogging aspect which you can view here.

Thanks for looking at my page and let me know what you think 🙂


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