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Designing With Data

In this module I built on the HMLT and CSS skills I had learnt in New Media Platforms to learn how to build infographics, which are a more interesting way of displaying data. I also learnt some JQuery and used external libraries such as Isotope to make my work interactive.

Each week, we were given a task to develop our skills and incorporate new skills into our work. These weekly tasks can be viewed here.

The first of the two main tasks I had to create was an infographic from data on food security we were presented with. I chose to base my work on the effects of political stability on a country’s food security and how this can be impacted. This is the data visualisation I created:

See the Pen How does political instability effect the percentage of people who are undernourished? by Rosalind (@RozziBurgess) on CodePen.


The second task was to create a cross media product that related to our other production module. As mine was Music Programming, I created a music programming tool which could be used by radio presenters to select, filter and sort songs based on their length, release date and tempo. I used the Isotope library to allow each category to be sorted and filtered. It can be viewed below:

See the Pen Radio Rock Music Programming Tool by Rosalind (@RozziBurgess) on CodePen.



New Media Platforms

In this first year module I learnt basic HTML and CSS coding in tutorials and by using Code Academy. I then used these skills to design my own wordpress theme and build a music news website.

I conducted research into several other music news websites to compare their layout, content and colour schemes, and found stories to include on my own website.

This was my first experience in coding and provided a basic level of knowledge I was able to build on myself.