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Independent TV Company

For this module we had to work in groups to set up an Independent TV Company and produce a 5 minute long pilot episode of a programme. We also had to present our company and pilot idea for constructive feedback before beginning.

Our production company was called Star Broadcasts:sblogo

And our programme idea was for a two-part documentary called ‘Perrrfection: Britain’s Favourite Pet’ which would look at the most popular pets and why people choose certain animals.


As the pilot was only 5 minutes long, we decided to include short extracts of different topics that would be included in the full programme. This included an introduction to the show, a countdown of the most popular pets, facts and statistics about how much money is spent on different pets, interviews with pet owners and information about the RSPCA and the work they do.

My main role in the team was head editor, but I also did some sound and filming and helped look up facts for the script. This is the finished pilot we produced:

As we had to make a production pack to go with the video, I was also in charge of working out the budget, our company’s business strategy and outlining the role descriptions and the type of company Star Broadcasts would be.


Music TV & Promotional Production

For this module, my group made a promotional video for an app that another group member had designed. This app was called ‘Pocket Physio’ and was designed for patients requiring physical therapy.

In the group, my main role was camera operator, and also helped with editing.

This is the video we produced:

As we had to create a cross-media product that related to both of our production modules, we chose to use music from the artist I was representing in the Music PR & Promotion module. This artist was Danny Stubbs, a progressive-house artist whose PR campaign my group was running. As he owns the record label the song, Red Orbit (EA3 Reconstruction) was released on, we had his permission to use it in our video.

As part of the module, we had to perform a pitch to our tutor and an industry expert who provided feedback on our idea and plans to produce it. This gave us a realistic involvement of an industry experience.

Television Studio Skills

This first year module involved learning the basics of each gallery and floor role in a TV studio. These included:

  • Director
  • Vision Mixer
  • Sound Operator
  • PA
  • Floor Manager
  • Camera Operator

We then had to choose the roles we felt most confident in and act in them for the two assignments. For these assignments we had to work as a whole class to produce:

  • A 5 minute news broadcast
  • A 15 minute studio-based show

For the second assignment, our group decided to produce a music panel quiz show. My role was part of the set design team, for which we collected music posters from local venues and independent record shops to decorate the set.

When I joined Scratch TV, I was able to develop the skills I’d learnt in both TV modules as I worked in various studio roles, as well as sound and camera operator and editor for location based video.


Television Location Skills

The first assignment for this module, we worked individually to film and edit a 90 second video of someone walking around the University. This allowed us to familiarise ourselves with the equipment and software before beginning the group task.

For the second assignment I worked in a group to film an event put on for another group’s Music Industry Skills module.

This was filmed in a bar and consisted of footage of the performing artists and an interview with the owner. I acted as camera operator and also assisted with the editing.