Neon City Radio

For my final year production project, I worked in a group alongside other students on my course to set up a radio station aimed at students based in Birmingham. My role in the group was Head of Music, meaning my responsibilities included programming the music for the station, scheduling the playlists for the daytime shows and compiling the A, B and C lists for the station.

I also acted as a presenter and producer. Below are some examples of the shows I presented.

Neon & Chill was on twice a week on Sunday and Monday evenings, and played chilled out and acoustic music.

First Play Tunes was on Thursday evenings and played new music. I also talked about the latest releases and new albums, as well as focusing on bands and artists from Birmingham.

The Lowdown: Gig Review played music from artists who were performing in Birmingham that week, and talked about tours and festivals that had just been announced.

While planning the Gig Review show, I managed to obtain press passes for several local gigs which I then reviewed on the show. For Mushroomhead’s concert, I was also able to get a photo pass. These are some of the photos I took:

As Head of Music, I was also in charge of maintaining the station’s Spotify account to include the latest music from each daytime show so listeners could find music they had enjoyed without listening to the entire show.

We also had an official station website which can be viewed here, as well as my personal page which can be viewed here!

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