Scratch TV

During my second year of University, I was Head of Branding at my University TV Station. I was responsible for designing posters and cover photos to promote upcoming events. These are some examples that I have designed:

Design3Design 5ScratchFestTBannerRozzi Burgess

Election Upcoming Dates

I used Gimp and Adobe Photoshop to design these images.

I also have helped with the filming and editing of various Scratch TV videos. We feature 4 different shows on our Youtube Channel:

Scratch Diaries covers events around the University and around Birmingham.

Birmingham Pride lasted two days in June. A team of four Scratch TV members got press passes for the event and my roles were camera and sound operator.

We filmed campus tours around the University that were released after results day for clearing applicants. I was the sound operator for the three days we spent filming the campus tours.

As a committee member, I was in charge of organising the crew and production of this episode. From members of Scratch TV who applied, I selected a presenter, a camera operator and two sound operators. I also attended the event to help out and instruct on how to use the equipment and direct the crew. I also edited the final video.

Scratch Chat is our studio chat show filming in our University TV Studios. This features interviews with students and societies from BCU as well as VTs filmed around the uni or at events around Birmingham.

This playlist shows all of the current episodes of Scratch Chat, the first 4 of which I acted as sound operator in the studio gallery. I also helped film and edit various VTs in the episodes.

Scratch Reviews features members of Scratch TV reviewing the newest films, TV programmes games.

Scratch Cooks demonstrates how to cook quick, student-friendly recipes.


In these three episodes, I acted as sound and camera operator.


We have also produced videos for the Student Union, covering the events of Welcome Week and promotional videos for the events put on by the Student Union.

This is an example of our Welcome Week coverage. In this video I did much of the filming and sound of two of the events covered as well as editing the entire video.


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